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Default Miss Nalia universe

Hello all,

I met Dark and Dudeslim at rig and they seems interesting guys, so i decided to try my chance here and to submit my application to you.

I am French, yes i know too much froggies in this game, but you will have to kill 65 Million of us IRL to be sure we stop to play EU!

I am M IRL, F IG. I had a first M avatar years ago, i played during 1 month with it, when i tried to buy my first armor i saw so big difference between M and F that i immediatly created a F avatar and never used again the first one (i do not even remember login, it was around 2011).

I was a "big" depositor (not so big, around 200-300 euros/week) and was using nice items (Lion, Liakon, Adj MM, ...). I sold all, sold mining skills, and took a break during 1.5 years.
I came back 3 months ago, deposit 1k$, just bought a Makhetta, Adj EP41 and decided to play in an another way : medium mobs, medium deposit (50$ per week max).

I have a little less than 150k skills (i had more before sell out)
153 HP
46 BLP Pistoleer
noob crafting and mining (all sold 1.5 years ago)

I mainly use Mahketta and time to time i buy a nice L armor set
EP 41 Adjusted (i love it)
no good fap (fap 90), i am looking to buy one (the simple MM if i do not deposit a lot, mod2350 is want i want but need to negociate my deposit with my gf IRL lol)

That's all.

Waiting your answer

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I am looking for team hunt and chatting with nice people

I go to rig only to talk, i do not care about oil and i am the worst PK of this game
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Yo, welcome, and its ok for me
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It's ok for me (sorry for the late reply).
Will do an inside vote, and be back to you in a few days.

Teo sola kialo ke malbonaj aĵoj okazas al vi, estas ĉar vi estas en dumbass
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